Jesus Christ the Healer of My Life
Jesus Christ the Healer of My Life
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Jesus Christ


Healer of my Life


“For with God nothing is impossible”

In this book Carol Verner shares with you her real life experiences with the Lord Jesus. She has expressed very sincerely her personal views on many issues relating to religion and faith.  Her experiences are a living testimony and proof that God exists and still wants to do today what He did in the past and even greater things. 


This book highlights that we people have changed, but God has never changed and will not change.


If you need answers to any of the following questions and many more then this book is for you:

  • Do you have to be holy to receive a miracle?
  • What help are the words in the bible to me?
  • Are they true churches of God today?
  • Can I see the same miracles in my life as what is in the bible?
  • Can my unbelieving husband want to know my God?
  • Can I change and be a better person?
  • Can my unloving husband be transformed into a loving husband?
  • How do I use my faith and deal with all those voices in my head?
  • Is it really necessary to see the power of God in my life?
  • Can a barren woman or man be fruitful today with just the hand of God?
  • What should I read when I am pregnant to help me in my faith?
  • Is my physical blessing really more important than my SALVATION?

Today I can be blessed because I went on this journey of being honest with myself.  Beneath all the beautiful cars and exclusive family parties, my prosperous family was spiritually defeated.  We were walking, dining, sleeping and working with the devil.


My mother had been a woman of God but the family she was married into were strong spiritual believers. They were also heavily involved with voodoo for prosperity.


It was so evil that I remember as a child my aunties would say we girls will never marry because these boys (my uncles) had sacrificed all the women for generations in the family to say amen to this evil creature (Chikwambo).


The death of a family member was a very common thing just before a big business project.  It is not abnormal to die, we are all dying but I tell you when people die in very suspicious ways and it becomes a pattern you know something is wrong.  As a young child, all I remember of my child-hood is being at a family funeral burying someone.


Have you ever had the feeling that someone is in your bedroom, or that when you are walking in the street someone is following you? or when you go to bed at certain times of the month have the same dream were you are having sex with someone and when you wake up you really feel you have had sex with someone and it is so real, or have the fear of sleeping in the dark?  I used to have so many of these, I tell you, but today it is all gone because I discovered the root of that problem and had it removed from my life by the Lord Jesus.


When I was drowning with problems at 19, I decided to look for a church.  I really wanted to find God but because I was looking the wrong way, I fell into the devil’s trap.  So, confused and lost, I found a church which believed they could tell me the future.  I thought this was it, but I was very wrong and was on the wrong path (read Matthew 7:15).


“You believe that there is one God.  You do well.  Even the demons believe – and tremble!” (James 2:19) NKJV.


About the Author


Jesus Christ the Healer of My Life



I was born on 25 December 1975 in Zimbabwe.  I am the eldest child in a family of six children.  I am married to my husband Roger and we live in England with our two children.  I am the Managing Director of JJ Links Ltd ( in the U.K.  I attend the UCKG in Finsbury Park, London and continue seeking and growing in my relationship with the Lord Jesus.  


I was inspired to write this book when I was 7 months pregnant with Joshua, but I only started writing the book 2 years later.  The extraordinary experience of Gods’ power in my life has been my greatest inspiration in writing this book.  I thank God for giving me the strength to write this book, Jesus Christ the Healer of my Life.  I could not have done it without the Lord Jesus in full control.  The problems I encountered on my journey in writing this book were persistent and beyond my own strength to overcome them.  But I thank the Lord who gave me the strength to overcome all obstacles and complete this book.  I continue praying and desiring for the Lord Jesus to continue using me in His plans.




Carol Verner



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