Mary Ann Leprechauna
Mary Ann Leprechauna
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Thomas the father Christmas of the village.  The leprechaun with remarkable green eyes.  Problems were sorted out when one confided in him.  But his days were numbered.  Perhaps the last day of his life in human form.


‘Does she know she is having a child?’ echoed the voice from the coin.

‘Thomas answer me at once, you old worn out leprechaun.’

Maureen felt calm the child resting like herself before getting to know one another.  She felt Thomas’s invisible presence throughout.

He chose his words carefully.

‘You and Christy are the chosen pair.  She is a leprechauna.  This is just the beginning.’

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Penny Davis was born into a larger family in Limerick Eire.  She was educated at the local convent school.  At an early age she came to England where she worked in a large store in London as a trainee cook.  In later years she went into nursing and social work.  Married with two sons and two grandchildren, she still finds time to write.  A passion acquired over the years.


She enjoys traveling all over the world with her husband.  Her hobbies are collecting dolls from places they’ve been to.


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