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It has been said that the heart of the young doesn’t truly understand the meaning of; or have the ability to feel the depths of true love.  I beg to differ; as it is a young heart who loves without reservations; without walls and without conditions.  How else can you explain the forgiveness an abused child offers its parents daily; or how an eighty year old man can still remember the kisses of his high school sweetheart when he can no longer remember his own name?


There is great power in the young heart.  A power that does not easily fade when faced with trials.  It is this power that escapes the cynical heart and evades those clouded by age and rules.


This is a story of young love; a story of a deep, strong and unfailing love that beat in the heart of a child; who becomes a woman within these pages.  Join her as she faces her fears to fight for the love she so desperately desires.

The sanctuary was quiet and empty.  The coolness of winter had settled in the room’s barrenness.  She made her way to the keyboard atop the stage to close her mind to the day’s events and open her heart to the Lord’s music.  Her fingers danced aimlessly across the keys creating a cascade of notes that seemed to soften the bitter chill in the air.  Her eyes closed as the melody made its way through her fingers in the silence of the empty room.  There was no one there to perform for, to criticize, or otherwise distract her from her worship.  God had been good to her in spite of His seeming delay in her love life. 


She had been praying for years for God to soften Jason’s heart towards her to no avail.  Eight years she had spent waiting and praying for him to love her the way she loved him.  Though he showed no outward signs of affection for her, she would continue to wait and pray for him.  He was worth the time spent in prayer.  Her heart wandered to him in thought as her song reached the heavens.  Her song increased its intensity as he graced her memory.  Visions of him filled her senses to the brim causing them to spill out in her music.  The melody was as haunting and erotic as her love for him.


The tune suddenly took on a different air and she became acutely aware that she was no longer alone.  Her fingers stilled in fear as she slowly open her eyes.  She immediately met the gaze of her one true love. 

Lyn Eagleton lives in small town America with her family and pets.  A homeschool mom of two, she spends her time educating, reading and writing.  Her passion for writing began in high school, though its outlet didn’t become available until recently.  Her love of God and of romance is displayed in all of her writings, both prose and poetry.  She explores the very humanness of people in spite of their core beliefs as well as demonstrating their great faith in spite of their humanness.    


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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