How To Know When Your Man Is Up To No Good
How To Know When Your Man Is Up To No Good
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     So you couldn't get a hold of him the other day?  He's told you more than a few times that he's out with his male friends you seldom see, or know?  Maybe, he stayed out hours after everyplace in town had closed?  Or perhaps he's displayed some other behavior that had you suspicious of his real whereabouts.  Well, if you combine these seemingly minor discrepancies with other actions in a relationship, then possibly your man is up to no good!  He could be having an affair right under your nose.


     It doesn't matter if you've been with him for three weeks or thirty years.  There are men in our society who simply refuse to be faithful!  It's like they just have to be like a dog!  They will attempt to use all kinds of tactics, and lies, to keep you thrown off of their casual encounters.  In a nut shell, they don't want you to ever discover that they are up to no good.  After all, they did use whatever skills they possessed to land you in their life.  These men want to have their cake, and eat it too.


     What has it really gotten you?  If you're anything like most women who have gone through being with an unfaithful man, then it's probably consisted of countless days of headaches, heartaches, and a bunch of unnecessary drama in your life. 


     Now, here is the chance to know when your man is up to no good!  This book, written by a man who cares, and has over 25 years of experience with relationships, will shed more light to every woman's eyes to particular behaviors to be aware of from the man who is in your life, or attempting to be in your pants.  And it will share specific characteristics to completely avoid from the very beginning.  "How to know when your man is up to no good" will have you paying much more attention to small details that you once ignored. In the end, if you do it right, you'll have much more satisfaction in your personal life. 


A must own for every woman on the planet!


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I thought I'd just take this opportunity to write this straight from the heart.  See, I don't want any experts to be able to come at me with such remarks like, "What are your credentials?" "Who made you an authority on this subject matter?" Or any other remarks that may attempt to discredit me.  So for those experts I say,  I have over 30 years experience of dealing with women.  From my own family members, school, the military, college, night clubs, bars, museums, super markets, the park, driving down the street, the gym, in my neighborhoods, work, and anywhere that a man can come in contact with a woman!  I've seen just about every nationality have issues with their relationships.  I've seen celebrities have issues with their relationships. 


If you watch basketball enough, then play the game for a long time, and really study the game, then you could write a book about it if you wanted to.  That's exactly what I did.  I took my experiences and wrote about them.  It doesn't make me an expert.  What it makes me is someone who has observed many people, and who has taken the time to write about what I've seen, and experienced.  It makes me a person with a voice.


I've been married twice.   I have two great children named Marcel, and Myah.  I still believe in marriage although I got it wrong two times.  I still believe in love.  I know there is someone in this world who will love me as I will love them.


My other works include a poetry book entitled, "Whispers In My Ear", and a CD that encompasses jazz, and romantic poetry, entitled, "Naturally You."  The CD is very romantic and the music is very soothing.


I'm a person who believes no matter what you want to accomplish, as long as you have the mental strength to do it, it can be done.  There are so many people who are one dimensional and keep their eyes straight ahead.  I believe in pausing, and absorbing all that is around me.  I know we as a people can accomplish so much more together than apart.  We just have to focus on what is important, and sacrifice that which is not.


I'm learning that in a committed relationship, the possibilities are endless if only two people can stop with the game playing on each other and realize their potential.  I desire for women, and men, to take what they have read here, and start to apply it.  The information here will only help to strengthen what is already there.


Currently, I'm living in Southern California.  Hopefully, I'll be here writing for as many years ahead of me, as I have behind me.


Good luck to each and everyone of you.  Look out for the screenplay to be hitting a local theatre one day soon!


Nelson D. Brown Jr.ã2005

I can also be contacted at or

My goodness. I ordered this book after just reading the cover. I read it and gave it to my daughter. We both loved it. An easy read and full of useful information. My daughter says she is ready for dating. She's 17.
maria sanchez 

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