Gypsy Joe Harris: Son of Philadelphia
Gypsy Joe Harris: Son of Philadelphia
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Gypsy Joe Harris was a man of unfulfilled destiny; always one step away from the true greatness he sought.  This blind tiger was able to defeat many of the best fighters in Philadelphia during a time when boxing was king and a man’s worth was measured by how well he could use his fists. 


While battling the likes of Curtis Cokes, Stanley “Kitten” Hayward, and boxing legend Emile Griffith, Gypsy Joe Harris compiled a professional ring record of 24-1.  What separated him from all the rest, was the fact that most of his fighting career, and virtually all of his professional career, he fought blind in one eye!


This boxing legend, although showing phenomenal skill, had a penchant for distaining a regular training regime.  Gypsy had no problem indulging in fast food, fast women and fast cars, and was still able to outclass his opponents.


This is a story of a man who rose to the pinnacle of the boxing world and just as quickly fell to the depths of despair and hopelessness.  This is his story.  The story of Joseph Louis Harris, the son of the city of Philadelphia; AKA, Gypsy Joe!


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Anthony Molock, Gypsy Joe Harris’ “Big Little Brother,” was spared the mandatory trials of life in growing up in North Philadelphia.  Having Gypsy Joe Harris as a brother released him from the pressures and dangers of the streets.


Anthony was able to focus on schooling and set an example for the next generation, showing them the importance of a good education.  He has dedicated his life to teaching; touching the lives of students from third grade to adult education.


Mr. Molock has taught in Camden, N.J. for eighteen years, Rome, GA for five years, and is presently teaching in the Atlanta Public School System, entering his eighth year. 


“Education is my life.  I love watching young people learn and grow.  When they come back all grown up and successful, there is nothing on earth that can match the feeling of joy one has, in witnessing their achievement, knowing you played a small part in their success.”


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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