The Hidden Truth About the End Times
The Hidden Truth About the End Times
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The book of Daniel prophesies the conclusion of God’s covenant with the Jews in detail.  What‘s forecast is destruction at the hands of their enemies. It is what the religious world calls the End Times.

However, the angel told Daniel to “seal up the words until the time of the end.”  The prophecy was to remain a mystery until the appointed time.  The Book of Daniel has in these last days, as promised, been unsealed in this powerful and inspiring interpretation of ancient prophecy.

This interpretation follows a single thread, tracing the kingdoms of Daniel’s prophecy from the time of Babylon to the present.  Delineating Daniel’s
visions and paralleling them with recorded history, the author convincingly identifies the kings and kingdoms present on today’s historical stage.  Events of the Jewish/Arab world over the past twenty years align at an alarming rate as Daniel’s prophecies set the stage and move the players into position in the  prelude to the end of the age.  Readers are offered a front row seat to watch it come to pass. 

Eschatologist, Author and Teacher Sal Smario, simplifies and graphically illustrates the most historically accurate interpretation of the book of Daniel to be found in the world today.  Students of prophecy and new comers alike will find “The Hidden Truth about the End Times” a fascinating, informative and timely perspective on the events shaping the Middle East and the modern world.

Sal Smario has studied eschatology for 25 years.  Founder of the CHN Network, and a prolific writer, he has shared his work with students who now number in the tens of thousands and live in more than 90 countries around the world.  Currently he hosts a daily Internet radio talk  show which serves as a focal point for all those who  are watching these ancient prophecies unfolding on the Mid East stage of history today.

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