Poetic Dream and Soul Possession
Poetic Dream and Soul Possession
Fais De Moi Un Poete
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Marc-Charles’ poetry is not wished for the examination of just anyone and neither to conform to the prosaic style and new styles of poetry writing. It is an attempt to write about the soul while getting ready to undergo the knife of new old censure. True Poets must be truthful and must bring ecstasy or joy to their readers. For some, a book written with such proud structure might be the fodder for ridicule, condemnation or reproof but if you will examine his poetry you will appreciate it. His distinctiveness, his exceptionality and his inspiration are well - conspicuously his! He has tried his best to communicate a natural way of thinking through expressions. Some would baptize this poetry (very pompous!); others might even shy away at the brain wave. He doesn’t intend to mollify disheveled feathers, conciliate or appeal. Yes! He doesn’t believe it to be a masterpiece, but even so, he feels audacious to a certain extent to take it out in the open to the many readers out there. Positive reception or exclusion is not the sole purpose; letting out his idiosyncratic way of writing and thinking out into the open is. These poems were written long time 13 years ago. He always wanted to publish them, but he was always reluctant. He procrastinated and time gave him the fuel and stimulus to go ahead. This book is intended to share his thoughts and words spun, with the world. An individual’s brain should not feed only on materialism. Love, nature and passion fill most of his poetic baggage, but the rest is not grey area either. He talks about God in this book and he asks him to order his steps. This book was his foremost spiritual book and is also one of his preferred. He challenges Death in his book and he looks at Death as a cruel woman. He realizes that he has not written much about his country- something's which he anticipates compensate for very soon. Virgo L. Bernice
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Marc-Charles Nicolas was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti.  He had long been an avid reader of poetry and a lover of literature. After graduating high school  in 1990 at  College Jean Price-Mars in Haiti, he went on to finish his bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering / Management at the  Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico in 1995.  A certain hunger for knowledge and opportunities drove him to the USA after his time in Mexico.  He spent a year teaching and doing research for the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and then moved on to complete a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Management of Information Systems at Oklahoma City University.  He has worked several years as a Software Engineer for IBM. He is currently a Senior System Administrator for Perot Systems.

Nicolas discovere his nascent abilities as a poet while studying outside of his native country. He writes in English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole and his literary language is marked by great scope and richness of words.  The wild solitudes have always attracted him, and he feels the subtle spell of nature’s varying aspects in the scenes around him. He later went on to write Perfumed Paradise, Poetic Dream and Soul Possession.  In his books Perfumed Paradise and Poetic Dream, meanings and sounds are intimately related resulting in concentrated, sensually evocative poems characterized by assonant phrasing, richly descriptive adjectives, and witty metaphors.  

In his spare time, Nicolas has quickly become a proficient piano player.  He is also the creator of websites such as matchspecial.com, Haitisurf.com and Flownicx.com.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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