Tractors - Cabs & Sleepers
Tractors - Cabs & Sleepers
(The McTavish Trips) - #2
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Truck Book, Tractors Cabs & Sleepers is the first published Trip of the adventures in (The McTavish Trips) children trucks book.


   It is a children's truck color picture book; mixed with illustrations and photos.


  On this outing, Macc, a miniature schnauzer, will take your child on a fascinating trip. Exploring the Cab of an eighteen-wheeler, discovering the many parts of the Tractor and its’ purpose.  Macc will show where he and his owners eat, sleep, and work.  Explaining why sleepers come in so many sizes! 


  This is the perfect book for any child to learn how (Trucks and the Trucking Industry) play a vital role in everyday life.


   It is, a must have for truck drivers who want to share their passion trucking; with the children they love. 


  Come along and let us learn about Macc’s life as a trucker’s best friend!




Hi, my name is McTavish, but every one just calls me Macc.  I am just a small schnauzer, and I live in an eighteen-wheeler with my people; I call them Mom and Dad.  I love it now, but it has not always been that way.

Before I started riding around in an eighteen-wheeler, I did not understand trucks.  They really scared me. That is why I decided to write (The McTavish Trips), to share what I have learned.  I hope you enjoy all our trips together.


Well it is time to start our trip to see what we can find out about those big trucks we see on the road everyday.  There is so much to learn about them.


On This trip, we will look at the front of the eighteen-wheeler. Drivers usually call them by one of the three names;

         "Tractor, Cab, or Sleeper", let’s go find out why.

Zerida was born in south Texas, June 1950, the oldest of five children.  She married young and had two wonderful sons.


At the age of 29, divorce gave her life new direction.  In the fall of 1979, she met Robert, a professional truck driver and she knew she had found her vocation!


While driving through the long silent nights, Zerida often thought about her children, grandchildren and her miniature schnauzer.  It was in those moments, where she found the inspiration to write about the trucking life.  These are the stories that embody (The McTavish Trips). 


Having cherished working and traveling together in an eighteen-wheeler for over 25 years.  Robert and Zerida retired in 2004.  It is now time to share those stories.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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