On a Roof with No Chimney, How Does Santa Get In?
On a Roof with No Chimney, How Does Santa Get In?
Perfect Bound Softcover
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     In this delightful holiday tale, Santa finds himself just weeks before Christmas facing the news that the number of homes without chimneys has grown substantially over the past year. As Santa’s main means of distributing gifts is quickly disappearing, he enlists the help of his staff in finding a viable delivery alternative.  Just when everyone is about to give up hope of resolving this problem an unexpected source gives Santa a gift that “magically” solves his dilemma.


As the day turned into night, Santa began to lose hope of finding a viable solution. Mrs. Claus encouraged him to retire to his office and rest. “We can finish up here,” Mrs. Claus explained. “We will review our findings in the morning.”

Santa agreed and shuffled off down the hall to his office. Mrs. Claus and the rest of the committee continued to sort through the ideas late into the night.

Just as they were about to finish up, Rudolph reached into the box and pulled out a gold colored envelope. He stared at it for a minute and then his nose lit up like a beacon. The humming glow attracted the attention of the others. “What’s up?” Gharland asked. “I think we have something here that Santa should see,” Rudolph answered. “I think you should wake him and tell him to come quickly.”

Kelly Barrow grew up in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a quaint little town in the hills of coal mining country. As a small child, her artistic talent and love of art grew. During her high school years she discovered she also had a love for writing and began to dream of one day writing her own children’s books. This desire led her to hone her illustrating skills and complete a writing course from The Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut.

She currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband Randy and their beloved dog Luther. In 2004 she landed her dream job working as a book cover designer and children’s book illustrator. In her leisure time she enjoys creating heirloom portraits by commission of both loved ones and treasured pets, as well as writing and painting for her own fulfillment.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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