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This prayer guide is written for all Christians around the world. The main idea is to help and guide Christians through The Holy Book “The Bible - The Word of GOD.”

Many people believe in GOD; but, believing in GOD is only the beginning. Christians must know GOD and have a close relationship with HIM. The only way to have that perfect and true relationship with The Almighty GOD is to believe that JESUS CHRIST came to this world to save us from our sins. HE died and rose again on the third day; and once the believer has a correct understanding and accepts it in his heart and knows that JESUS is LORD and SAVIOR, then he can have that access to GOD through HIS SON. Then, his prayers can be answered.

GOD stands behind HIS Word. HE will never change. HE is the same yesterday, today and for ever {Hebrews 13: 8), and for GOD to answer our prayers, we must follow the Word that HE gave to us: The Holy Bible. In The Holy Bible we can see, that GOD answers our prayers in a very simple way. First, we have to believe and know GOD on a personal level, keep and respect HIS commandment and be obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT. Second, we must have a constant relation with OUR HEAVENLY FATHER through HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST.

Christians must be knowledgeable and prepared with The Word of GOD and the only way to be prepared and be knowledgeable of The Word of GOD is by reading The Bible, and studying The Bible. The goal is to study and read The Bible over and over again. The Holy Word of GOD is alive, it is not a novel, it’s the bread of life, that we need on a daily basis to have the strength to face the world that we live in. The Bible, is a spiritual map that will guide us to our final destination, to see GOD face to face. We need to study and scrutinize the instruction in The Bible and understand how to use the direction given to us in The Bible, to arrive at the final destination, when we see OUR LORD and SAVIOR face to face.

The Bible is not a novel, not a common book, and it will never go out of style. It is the best seller at all times. It is the bread of life, that we need to feed on to maintain the constant communication with OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and for this, this guide has been designed to guide the believer through The Bible and show how you can grow on daily basis, following The Word of GOD.

How To Devote Your Time Reading This Guide-Book

As you read along, you will see that this guide is structured and planned for seven (7) weeks to help you get in touch with GOD in a personal way.  Each week has a topic supported by Bible verses, helping you to get in the habit of praying using The Bible Text-model that is illustrated in each week.

For instance, when you open the guide to Week One (1), you will see, that our topic is prayer.  Under this topic, you will find verses that you can read and study with your family, church group, and on an individual basis.  Please note, that under the verses for the week, the guide is asking you to describe the word using a dictionary and on the other side, it is asking you to use your own concept to describe the word (“Prayer”), after you have had the chance to read and discuss with your team or group the verses for the week, then write your own interpretation of the word Prayer.

Most importantly, is being able to follow the daily study on your own, and then share the same with your group or family.  You will see that each day has a reference from the Psalms, this is with the main idea to help you to pray studying the Psalms: there is no other way that you can please GOD than with HIS own Word and plan, and the Psalms are written for us to see, how to pray, how to get the right attitude, respect and dedication, to come before the throne of GOD.

The book of Psalms is not there by accident.  It is the will of GOD, that we know how to pray, and if we pray according to GOD’s will and please HIM, then GOD will hear our prayers and answer them, but we have to comply with HIS Word, we can’t just come to GOD and ignore that GOD is GOD and we are just humans and sinners.

Following the guide-book, you will find that under the seven days of readings from the Psalms there are phrases such as:  Yes Lord, Heal me,



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