Words of Wisdom for the Work Place and Life in General
Words of Wisdom for the Work Place and Life in General
On the Job Leadership Equals Results
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you want to improve your Communication Skills and Enhance Productivity? You need to read this book, Words of Wisdom for the Work Place and Life in General. I have put together some basic Communication Techniques and a simple 10 step process to Improve Productivity. Also hundreds of Words of Wisdom you can use in your everyday vocabulary, dealing with the work place and life in general.The biggest challenge for todays manager is applying these basic skills.The new manager must be able to Plan, Organize, and Execute in surviving in this competitive world.


Words of Wisdom for the Work Place and Life in General 

This book is dedicated to my love Debbie

I''ve always wanted to put my thoughts on paper. This book will give you helpful hints to Improve Communications and Enhance Productivity. I also put together all the Words of Wisdom dealing with the Work Force and Life in General. 

I look back over the years and the events that molded me into a person and manager I became. I am very proud of the twenty-nine years in management. I did accomplish a lot in developing people, creating new ideas, raising the bar, and most important surviving it all.

Throughout the years I played a part in building five Distribution Centers, retrofitting systems, creating automation designs, and developing managers.

I don''t pretend to know everything, but I think I''ve seen almost everything. I''ve learned each year better ways of being more productive. I do know making things simple and through people is the only way. The best managers are ones who can communicate with people with respect. If you can''t gain respect you''ll have a rough time getting the results necessary to survive in this competitive world.

I''ve had some great managers, coaches, and teachers throughout my career. I''ve also had some managers who were out of touch and unprofessional, and who micro managed.

I have increased my knowledge a little from each in developing my own personal style and skills to have a successful career.

The biggest opportunity for the new generation managers is learning the basic skills. The new managers must be able to Plan, Organize, and Execute. The new manager must be able to communicate and set an example as a leader. They both are important because without them you likely will not be successful.

I have put together years of Wisdom. There are many ways to express your thoughts. I want to share mine through this this book Words of Wisdom for the Work Place and Life in General. I put together material that I gained through Experience, Teamwork and Listening to People.

I want you to sit back and relax ......

I hope this book will help with your approach in working with people and toward life in general. 



* A good listener hears what is being said.

* Confident managers will have a good plan daily.

* The more people involved the more ideas you''ll have.

* If you can''t motivate your associates you can''t manage effectively.

* The art of improving productivity is simple you make things simple.

* We have found that productivity suffers because of lack of training.

* When making decisions you must understand facts, consider solutions, and effectively communicate decisions.

George D. Yarberry                                                 


George D. Yarberry known as an expert in Distribution Management. He has over thirty years experience in running large Distribution Centers. He has been involved in five distribution start ups which included installation of WMS Systems, Automation Design, Mechanization Process, and 2.5 million square feet of construction. He has been very successful in developing managers throughout the years. Yarberry is known to have the top Distribution Centers in the Industry. During his career his centers have finished number one seven times. He also served in the US Army and was Viet Nam Veteran receiving the Bronze Star. The ability in getting results in the work place is no secret, you make things simple, said Yarberry. The skills of communications through your associates, improving productivity levels, and working by objectives is priceless.


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