Poetry to Encourage
Poetry to Encourage
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Poetry to Encourage is a combination of three segments of Christian poetry. It is written simply and very to the point. It is written for all ages to understand and enjoy. My purpose is to glorify God in every poem.


The first segment deals with various topics that most Christians know to be a fact.


From Darkness to Light deals with poetry about the Christian walk in more depth. My poetry deals with things like how to treat your neighbor to dealing with the loss of a loved one or dear friend.


A Refreshing is a personal invitation from myself to the one that doesn’t know Christ as their savior. It can be used as a ministry tool to compel them to come. It is my desire to let everyone know of the intense love that God has for us. And, how it is not his desire that any should perish but all come to repentance. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not by any means perfect. But, this doesn’t stop me from pressing toward the mark.


I write with an underlying theme, that is not to offend anyone, but yet be an encouragement. I hope you read and enjoy this book. It is written from my heart to yours. May God richly bless you.


Drema J. Poe

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I was born in Jefferson, N.C. in 1950. I was raised in Havre de Grace, MD. And now I’ve resided in Aberdeen, MD for over twenty years.


I am the mother of three loving children, two sons and a daughter. I have three very inspiring granddaughters, Marrissa, Ly Teirra and Niomi.


I first started writing Christian poetry in 1997, after the death of my husband. I like to think God took one gift and gave me another.


I found such joy and comfort in writing. I found if I could encourage myself, that I might do the same for someone else. So, this is what I set out to do.


I got warm response from family, friends, and my church family. I was very encouraged to the point; at one time I was writing, typing, copying, and distributing my poems.


I would see people on the street, in my everyday walk, and give them a poem. For one particular poem I made 100 copies, and distributed 100 copies.


I then decided to get books published through my local church with the consent of my pastor. The books were warmly received.


After finishing my third book, I felt I was established in writing Christian poetry. I believe this to be my gift to the church of this day.


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