You're Not The Person I Hired!
You're Not The Person I Hired!
A CEO’s Survival Guide To Hiring Top Talent
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Janet Boydell, Barry Deutsch, and Brad Remillard wrote this book with one goal in mind: To help companies avoid hiring mistakes.

Up to 56% of new executives fail within the first two years of hire. You’re Not The Person I Hired! reveals common causes of executive and managerial failure, and shows how you can beat those odds.

The Success Factor Methodology™ encompasses a proprietary set of tools that let hiring teams define success up front. These tools let hiring teams take control of the process and find the candidates who can actually deliver success.

Based on twenty-five years of research and professional success in executive recruiting, You’re Not The Person I Hired! can revolutionize your hiring.



Section 1: You Bet Your Company

Chapter 1: Past Experience Is No Guarantee Of Future Results

Chapter 2: The Crapshoot Hiring Syndrome

Chapter 3: Maybe If We Give It More Time, It Will Work Out

Section 2: Forget Everything You Know

Chapter 4: Hiring The Right Person ALWAYS Takes Too Long

Chapter 5: Traditional Job Descriptions Are Worthless

Chapter 6: Building A Success Factor Snapshot

Chapter 7: How To Attract The Bottom Third Of Candidates

Chapter 8: What Color Is Your Petri Dish? Cultural Considerations and “Fit”

Section 3: Interviewing And Beyond

Chapter 9: Before The First Candidate Arrives

Chapter 10: Face-To-Face Interviews That Aren’t A Waste Of Time

Chapter 11: Beyond The Interview: Vetting, Verification, And Evaluating The Truth

Section 4: Closing The Deal

Chapter 12: It’s Never About The Compensation

Chapter 13: How To Make An Offer They’ll Refuse

Chapter 14: Transition And Follow-up

Section 5: The Process In Action

Chapter 15: Eight Steps To Top Talent

Section 6: Appendixes

Appendix 1: A Recent Hiring Best-Practices Bibliography

Appendix 2: Downloads

Appendix 3: The Study

About The Authors

The Top Ten Hiring Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

We wrote this book with one goal in mind: to help companies avoid hiring mistakes.

You’re Not The Person I Hired! is a guide that can make sure the person you bring into a critical job is, in fact, the person he or she appears to be. Too often the managerial and executive hiring process is a case of mutually crossed fingers—both parties hope the match is a good one, and hope the gamble they’re taking will pay off.

And then, regrettably, when Monday morning rolls around and the work begins, it all unravels.

Whose fault is it when the person who seemed like a fired-up go-getter turns out to be indifferent to goals she didn’t set herself? Whose fault is it when the person hired to overhaul the organizational IT system turns out to be short-tempered, impractical, and a lousy communicator who alienates every functional department head? Whose fault is it when the new sales manager seems to have no impact whatsoever on penetrating two new markets—a mission-critical goal that he seemed fully capable of doing in interviews? Whose fault is it when the person who shows up for the job isn’t the person you thought you hired?

We believe the blame lies squarely with the hiring process itself, and we have compiled evidence to prove it.

Our research focusing on more than 20,000 hiring executives during the past fifteen years has identified the most common mistakes made in hiring. Through the course of our analysis, we determined the actual failure rate for newly hired managers and executives reaches a staggering 56% in many mid-sized and large organizations. We wanted to understand why. Prior to writing this book, we analyzed the hiring practices of 225 executive hires in 134 target companies.

The authors have assisted and coached thousands of CEO’s, key executives, managers and other executive recruiters to increase hiring accuracy and build high performing teams.

Janet Boydell's generalist expertise spans more than fourteen years of executive search and training.  She is the President of A Hire Connection, Inc., a recruiting and training company dedicated to helping companies and candidates make a connection that transcends typical hiring.  She frequently speaks for local organizations and conducts workshops for Vistage International.  Janet also authored A Hire Connection: How To Make Your Next Hire Your Best Hire (Oct.2007)

Barry Deutsch is a well-known thought leader in Hiring and Peak Performance Management. He is a frequent speaker at such management meetings, trade associations, and CEO forums as The Executive Committee (TEC) and Young President’s Organization (YPO).

An executive recruiter for more than twenty years, Brad Remillard has conducted over 4,000 interviews and has been directly involved in over 1,000 executive searches. A CPA and graduate of California State University, Fullerton, Brad previously served as President of CJA Executive Search, which was recognized as one of the top retained search firms in Southern California.



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