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Liberty, Enlightening the World—hymn to the Statue of Liberty, cry for survival, longing for living the interconnectedness out of the deepest, oldest, purest, implicit ideals with which this country started, and which are still rumbling in America’s basement. Now, in this age of America’s power and influence, may this prayer, inspired by India’s own ancient tantric prayers to the Goddess, augment the growing global voice of Liberty. To my joy, when doing research on the Statue of Liberty, I found that her correct and original name is Liberty Enlightening the World. Creating this book was my response to 9/11 and is my own prayer for global peace.”

O Mighty Woman!

Your beacon-hand rising high into the sky,

welcomes the weary, the poor, the homeless.

Giver of refuge, Your left hand supports

the declaration of our independence,

our right to breathe free, to walk proudly.

At Your sandaled feet, Your broken shackle lies as

victory over the tyranny of the elite.

O Mother of Exiles! Remover of our poverty and pain,

all reverence to You.

Vijali Hamilton, an internationally renowned earth artist, sculptor, poet, musician, and author, has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Goddard College. She spent ten years as a Hindu nun in the Vedanta Convent in Santa Barbara, California. Vijali is a fellow of The World Academy of Art & Science. Over one thousand of her artworks are in museums, public places, and private collections. She is the founding director of World Wheel, Global Peace Through the Arts in which she circled the planet on the 40th latitudinal parallel creating monumental stone sculptures and community, ritual-based theater in 12 countries during the years  1986-1993. Vijali has begun a second World Wheel circling the equator beginning in the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador. She has published two books of poetry and art, In the Fields of Life (1999), Of Earth and Fire (2005), a book of non-fiction and art, World Wheel, One Woman’s Quest for Peace (2005),  a documentary video, World Wheel, One Woman’s Pilgrimage for Global Peace (2003), and co-composer of a CD of music, Awaken Your Heart from its Ancient Sleep (2001 with Edie Hartshorne). A few of the books in which her art, writing and life have been represented are: Once and Future Goddess by Elinor Gadon, Harper  & Row (1989), The Feminine Face of God by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins, Bantam Books (1986), Reweaving the World and The Reflowering of the Goddess by Gloria Orenstein, Pergamon Press (1990), Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, Harmony Books (2000), and Mandala, Journey to the Center, by Bailey Cunningham, DK Publishing (2002).


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