“Muscle Testing”
“Muscle Testing”
Complete Nonsense? Or the Basis for Real Health Care?
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How did it all start for me?

It was at a seminar in New York City in a hotel in Gramercy Park around 1990 that I first saw a demonstration of a muscle-response test and my belief system was turned on its head.  The demonstration was given by Dr. Jose Rodriguez DC, who was one of the first diplomates of Applied Kinesiology. I was really impressed, and I could see there was so much more to reality than I could have imagined.  I was a beginning student at the time at a small naturopathic school, and since that time as I went on with my education, many of my teachers used muscle-response testing as the central tool relating to what they were teaching:  Dr. Herb Anderson’s monthly lectures in Stanford Connecticut on Applied Kinesiology; Dr. Eugene Charles’ hundred-hour professional course on Applied Kinesiology; Dr. John Thie and his Touch for Health; Dr. John Diamond’s lectures on applications of muscle-response testing into the domain of emotional health;  Dr. D.A. Versendaal’s seminars on his Contact Reflex Analysis; Dr. Dan Gole’s seminars on the application of muscle-response testing to dentistry;  Dr. Scott Walker’s NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique); Dr. Freddie Ulan and his Nutritional Response Testing, which by the way is my favorite seminar at the moment; Dr. Wendell Whitman’s courses on various topics in the health sciences many of which used muscle-response testing; and finally my friend Dr. Walter Melnicke who taught me most about muscle-response testing.  There were other teachers at weekend seminars as well whose names I’ve forgotten.


With all of this, I’ve come to see very clearly that there is much of great importance that goes beyond the boundaries of mainstream science, even beyond the boundaries of our Western, materialistic beliefs.  One of my purposes in writing this book is help you come to the same conclusion. 


As far as I know, what I’ll be discussing is not taught at any conventional school in this country, or in any other country for that matter. All the instruction I mentioned above was outside of mainstream academia. 


I should also say that it is certain that none of teachers mentioned above will agree with everything I’ve written in this book.  Certainly much of what I’ve written I’ve learned from them, but anything said here that is not correct should be attributed to me alone.  The only blame they deserve is for getting me intensely interested in this work. 


I’ve used muscle-response testing in my practice now for over twelve years.  In the early days, not surprisingly, none of my new clients had ever seen muscle-response testing and for most it seemed too crazy to be believed and few would return after the first office visit. Now it’s still difficult for many of my clients to believe, but it’s not at all unusual for new clients to have already seen or even experienced muscle-response testing.  If you’re new to this it will probably be difficult for you also not to see this as all nonsense.  Even if you’re not seeing this for the first time and you’re already a believer, I’m sure much of what I’ll be describing here will also be new to you.


Serafino Amoroso is a health consultant with extensive training in homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, and food selection and preparation. His practice, located in Avon by the Sea, New Jersey, is based heavily on muscle-response testing.


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