Blind Obedience
Blind Obedience
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Loretta Chastain spent the better part of her adult life trying to forget the tragedies of her childhood. She thought she had insulated herself from an unfortunate rape and subsequent pregnancy, not only by physical distance, but by emotional distance as well. When her world was shattered by the vicious attack on her mother and son, she again was drawn into the world she had tried so hard to forget.

Jack Princeton was a good cop by anyone's standard. The senseless murder of a thirteen-year-old boy and attack on Loretta's mother taxed his abilities to the limit, however. The fact that he had once been Loretta's boyfriend may have intruded, but the common sense approach that Loretta had about the attack and a previous attack in a neighboring town, finally led him down the right road.

Skyler Jamerson had everything a man could want: money, power, a loving family and a presidential cabinet appointment. Why then, was he consorting with killers? What possible motive could he have in masterminding the attack on the Chastain family? What was to gain?

Blind Obedience is a thrill-a-minute ride through the world of politics and power, love and lust, murder and mayhem. It exposes the worst a person can be, and the best that one could hope for. It follows the tenacity of Loretta Chastain as she guides the investigation into the insane rash of murders thrust upon her hometown. Don't miss the thrilling ending. Don't miss the chance to wonder about the possibility of reality. In this day and age, could something like this really happen?

    Jack Princeton lay in his hospital bed, watching the early afternoon shadows play across his drawn curtains.  His mind kept going back to the events of the pre-dawn, and the flash of the steel blade as it lunged toward his throat.  He had actually felt no pain, just the warm rush of blood as the wound opened up, and the coldness of that same blood as it drenched his shirt.  The next several seconds were a blur of shouts and gunfire, and after seeing unfamiliar faces floating in front of his, he lost consciousness.  When he awoke, he was in this bed, his neck bandaged, and his arm connected to tubes and wires.  He knew from his dull sensations, that he was under sedation, and as he again saw the knife lunge toward him, he was thankful for that.
    A gentle rapping on his partially closed door caused him to slowly turn his head.  He smiled with his eyes at the sight of Sergeant Olive and another police officer.  Her's had been one of the faces he had seen, a face seemingly floating above him, a face in control.  The sudden chain of events had shocked her, but her calm demeanor had taken hold, and he felt certain that he owed his life to her.  The smile in his eyes was genuine.
    She walked over and took hold of his hand, squeezing it gently.
    "Hey Jack, you don't look too bad, considering."
    He returned her squeeze.
    "The doctor said we could have five minutes.  I want to bring you up to date, if you feel like it, okay?"
    He squeezed again.
    She smiled.  "First of all, the killer is dead.  He tripped on a toy kaleidscope and fell down the stairs.  He broke his neck...and died instantly."
    Jack closed his eyes, and Sergeant Olive thought she saw tears form at the corners of them.
    "So far, we haven't been able to determine his identity, and now the Feds have taken jurisdiction of the scene and the body.  He killed two elderly people across the street from where we got him, and seriously wounded Bill Bonnet with his knife...after he cut you.  Bill got out of surgery around 7:30, and will be okay, eventually...just like you will be."
    This time she squeezed his hand.
    "This guy didn't leave many clues, Jack, but we did find a small case of his.  He had an assortment of knives and pliers and things, and I'm sure something will match up with the killings in Alabama.  Your partner and chief are due in after while, and I'm sure you'll be able to go back home in a day or two.
    "The Chastains are fine, and will be staying where they are for a few more days.  When the Feds get through, I guess things will return to normal...well, as much as they can.  We just thought you'd like to know."
    She squeezed his hand again.  Jack looked from her to the other officer, and though they locked eyes only briefly, he could see something in those eyes...something perhaps, that Grace Olive wasn't telling him.  He quickly looked bck at Sergeant Olive.
    " the way, you might be interested in this.  The guy's left leg was gone below the knee.  He wore a prosthesis...for what that's worth."
    Jack watched as the two officers left his room.  It seemed that the apprehension and death of Miss America had created as many questions as it had answered.  He slowly turned his head away from the door and stared back at the windows.  It didn't matter anymore, anyway.  The threat to Etta and her family was over, and with time, all of this would be put behind them.
    He thought of Etta and wondered where she was.  Did she know what had happened?  His eyelids grew heavy and the essence of her, somehow, overpowered his senses.  He would swear later, that he could smell her perfume as he drifted off, and although it hurt tremendously, a weak smile formed on his face.

Richard Hammersley was born and spent most of his adult life in Indiana. After he and his wife Valda had raised their two children, he decided to follow a notion that had floated around inside his head for twenty years. Blind Obedience is a product of that notion, and his first published novel.

The Hammersley's reside in an RV. They travel the United States extensively, working here and there, taking in local flavor and searching out settings for his stories. He is currently planning a walk across the United States to help raise awareness for cancer research. The walk is scheduled to start in April 2008 in California and end some eight months later in New York City.  You can join Mr. Hammersley during his adventure at his website


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