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  2. Noah Reifman, R.Ph., MS
  3. Kenneth L. Miller
  4. James Regan with Phillip Guerra
  5. Warren Barhorst with Rusty Burson
  1. Curtis R. Hibbler
  2. Maria Dahlen & Sage Stanley
  3. Joe Constantino
  4. B. L. Bryant
  5. Naomi Gayle
Fiction - Fantasy (General)
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By Betty Ann Miller
Little Running Deer and his Medicine Hat horse are united as the story begins with the birth of the foal. Little Running Deer is ten years old and has been promised this foal at a gift. Problems arise as the Lakota Sioux tribe face the difficulties of living on a reservation c. 1900. As the boy and horse grow together a bond develops between them. Difficult decisions must be made for boy and horse to remain together during this historic period in Lakota history.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Tenth of Nine Lives

Vermin, (Darkness Prior to Priorities,) uses a semi dark, story telling style to spotlight the disastrous events that occurs in the life of a man, as a result of his lack of knowledge for setting priorities in his life.

The story will take you on a comical, roller coaster ride, as you experience: love, hate, friendship, betrayal, experimental mutations and a few subtle lessons in morality.

The author feels this fictional adventure is his way to make an impactful contribution to his readers, by adding a new item to life’s menu of literary brain food.

As you experience this surreal adrenalin rush, the author hopes that you come away with something much more positive then when you entered. 

The author of Vermin uses his animation and writing skills to help him create a world that allows his readers to see how every choice man makes in life effects others, directly or indirectly.

It’s not always easy to see how the choices we make come back to us, as the original origin.  But, it always does.

Please, come in and enjoy the ride. Animation at: Also:

By W. W. Griffith

Everyone knows who hill-billys are, right? Well...these are an itty-bitty people called the Hill-Bitties! The Bittie family is called upon to save an environmental home from themselves and many forest creatures. Can they save...

FORMAT: Softcover
By K.S. Crooks
In Guilds of Galyndor, Guild members have the exceptional ability to harness many powerful forces that exist in the world. There are four Guild disciplines, each different in their abilities; nevertheless the same in their intentions: Guild Masters serve as peacekeepers, protectors of the land, even as warriors when the need arises.
The four Guilds are…
Shoguns, who have the ability to enhance their physical attributes and senses.
Elementals, who are capable of manipulating the basic elements of nature- water, fire, lightning, earth and air.
Ethereals, who have the ability to manipulate light, control their shadows and access an alternate realm using mirrors.
Shamans, who are capable of manipulating life auras, allowing them to affect plants, animals and positively influence human health.
Kendra, Wyatt, Garrick and Naomi- four new Guild students will become a team and great friends. In the face of tragedy, they take on the challenge of saving the life of a fellow student. Their quest takes them throughout Galyndor to new destinations, and shows them sights and creatures they did not know existed. To overcome the tremendous perils of their undertaking, each of them will need to discover new strengths and abilities, or their friend will perish.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Morgan Anderson
Surviving high school is tough enough without sprouting wings, wouldn’t you agree?
Megan Dario is used to blending in without being noticed she likes it that way, for some reasons more particular than others. But when this new boy, this Paul, whoever he is, shows up, her orderly, controlled life is thrown into chaos. No more school, homework, soccer, minimal sociality, wash, rinse and repeat. Oh no.
Before she knows it, Megan discovers she’s an Avian. Yup. Not even had her first kiss yet and she’s got wings. Say whaaat?!
Let’s not forget Dr. Jarvis with his striking appearance and hard eyes either, or Irenesav.
Soon, old and new friends are back in the mix: Lucy, Jason, Cauldron, and Paul, thrown together on one turbulent adventure. Ach, to the say the least, it’s daunting, and especially so for Megan with her flat, cookie-cutter, routines.
But with some decisions, there’s no going back. And with the decisions Megan finds herself facing? Not only will they test her heart they’ll test if she can truly fly.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Shruti Sharma

Ria Mahi Patel had always been a vibrant and vivacious girl. She grew up in India in a very loving family. Ever since she was a young girl, she had recurring dreams of a young man. She did not know who he was and why she had those dreams. But every time she saw him in her dream, she felt like she was coming home. It was always comforting. That dream always left a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart. Before she could decode her dreams, things changed.

Ria got married. She moved to another country with her husband, Jay Sood Mattu. It was an arranged marriage, and after years of domestic abuse, Ria decided to break the paradigms and took control of her life. She was determined to change her life for good. Ria envisioned a bold plan and embarked on a journey.

At the same time, she still had recurring dreams of that man whom she hadn’t met in real life. Was the universe trying to tell her something?
As time passed by, more people came in her life, and her experiences grew. Ria began connecting the dots, and a whole new picture was revealed to her by the sequence of events. Something that she had never wrapped her head around became the reality of her life.

It’s a story that will surprise you, make you cry, play with your imagination, give you a giddy feeling in your stomach, put a smile on your face, inspire you, and leave you with hope and a profoundly uplifting message.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Michael P. Williams
A past filled with sexual and emotional abuse has left Marcus Quincy, as he would often say, “One more childhood trauma away from becoming the next Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy.” Due to his tumultuous past, Marcus has frequently been exposed to the cruelty and ignorance of others and has slowly distanced himself from the outside world and all of the people in it. All, that is, but his beautiful wife Anna and their twin daughters Tara and Tori. Marcus loves his family more than life itself and he will do anything for them!
Marcus struggles with the concept of becoming the savior of a world he has spent his life hiding from, a world he has grown to despise. He reflects on his past, how ridicule and discrimination had molded him into a potential time bomb of violence and hatred, and how choice and the unconditional bond of love he shares with his family had saved him from that dark path. Guided by a being of light and hunted by a psychotic version of himself from another reality, Marcus embarks on a journey throughout the multiple realities of Heaven, Hell, and the known universe in search of the pieces to the Divine Engine, mankind’s only hope of stopping Armageddon. The story unveils Marcus’ struggles with his past and his faith, humanity and all its frailties, the possible existence of Heaven and Hell, and above all else, the ripple effect a single choice can have on future events. Will Marcus find the faith within himself and all of humanity to gather the knowledge and power to confront pure evil? And can Marcus make the ultimate sacrifice to save the human race?

FORMAT: Softcover
By Clark Merchant

The book tells a magical tale of brave, adventurous souls travelling through the vast and dangerous underworld in search of home. The work is an action-packed thrill ride full of exciting battles and brave deeds. Even if you’re twenty-five, you should read it. I’m thirty-one, and I wrote it!

FORMAT: Softcover
By Clark Merchant

The book tells a magical tale of brave, adventurous souls travelling through the vast and dangerous underworld in search of home. The work is an action-packed thrill ride full of exciting battles and brave deeds. Even if you’re twenty-five, you should read it. I’m thirty-one, and I wrote it!

FORMAT: Hardcover
By Kay Stellmach

Kylie was an average girl, with an average best friend, and an average family, until one night a vampire attacks her. Know knowing the secret that vampires are real she is thrown head first into a new world where vampires from the council target her. Unable to protect herself from them, she is bit. After her first couple days of being a vampire, she is kidnapped by a vampire hunter, and Kylie realizes that she has more in common with him then the entire vampire council. Together the two stir up some trouble with the council, and stumble onto a big secret that is going to affect both of them for the rest of their lives.



Zendayah is a timeless epic story about love and compassion; and the fact that disobedience, dishonesty, and lies always have serious consequences.  The story encourages its readers to tell the truth always, even when they are scared; because liars eventually choke on their own lies.  In order to protect the truth and keep it from spilling, liars tell more lies to cover up lies already told.  The lies grow bigger, and bigger, until they choke on them like Culpani  choked on the worms in this story.

Discover how the power of love and compassion between the siblings, their grandmother, and a fairy authority figure outside of their family realm, brought this story to live as Zendayah and Culpani suffered the horrible repercussions of not telling the truth.  When they finally did, they were rewarded with a life of riches and comfort by an unknown power, for as long as they obeyed the rules and kept their promises.

The children learned from their ordeal that truth, obedience, and respect, have far better rewards than lies and disobedience.  They learned that to achieve some kind of peace and success in life, they must follow assigned rules and regulations, because those rules and regulations are put in place to guide and to protect them.

FORMAT: Softcover
By KD & AL Groethe

Have you ever tried to imagine what lies between your eyes being open and your eyes being shut? Have you ever wondered what is happening at the precise moment when your eyelashes flutter together like the wings of a small, delicate creature? If you are one who has never wondered, We wish to tell you a secret. There is a world in that space between wakefulness and sleep, a world dotted with island after island and it exists—in the blink of an eye.
Hiku, a young butterfly, discovers what is truly important to one's life when he flies to six of these islands in search of life's meaning.

FORMAT: Hardcover
By Yemi Ayangunna

Her love life is shattered a few weeks from her final examinations, and Sade decides to give men a break. Someone walks into her life and refuses to let her be. She has to convince herself that this is for real.

David is a quiet person and his first attempt at dating leaves an indelible memory. Kate helps to change his perspective about life, but she is not the one for him.

The people they meet along the road to love add color to their stories.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Tony Mortley

Gabriel is sent mysteriously on a quest to retrieve the wicked witch's nose from the Lake Of Enchantment.
It all starts late one night when Gabriel was caught by the witch playing a brilliant game. The witch is evil.
On the way he meets a friendly blue ogre who helps him.
The ogre is in possession of a magic book.
There are signs that have conversations with each other.
There are also Gloopy Bats.
King Bluefire. Who is he?
There is Daisy the mutt.
Parksull Mountain is a dreaded place to conquer.
There are times of humour and the story moves at a fast and thrilling pace.
What are Mortleys?
Are trees bigger on the inside than they look on the outside?
If they are then they might be inhabited by magical wise and mystical looking creatures.
Does Gabriel pass The Test?
Will Gabriel succeed in his quest?
Will Gabriel ever find his way back to his time and home again?

FORMAT: Softcover
By Tony Mortley

When Jack was summoned by a magic brass whistle to a
place far away where fairies and goblins live he found
himself caught up in a bitter struggle between Oberon
and Nauthis.
Jack discovers that fairies turn into butterflies,  that goblins laugh
like hyenas and that castles have spikes in them too.
There is a huge troll to be reckoned with. 
There are dances and celebrations and thrilling moments of daring
and bravery.
Will the struggle ever end?
Will peace ever be restored?
Th e situation is almost impossible but there is a glimmer of hope for
people who have guts like Jack and the fl ying swordsman who dare
to win and rescue.
This should tell you something about who the fl ying swordsman is.
This may be obvious.
This may not be.
Rest assured that you will be gripped and in tears of laughter as well
when you read this fast moving book.
Dare to turn the pages.

FORMAT: Softcover
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