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By Mary Adams, EA
This book will give you the tools to prepare some of the most common tax returns. As you read through each chapter, you will learn the tax laws, and see them in practice in examples. Throughout the book there are questions and tax problems for you to work out yourself because the best way to learn something is through practice. You can check your work by looking in the Appendix. There are two parts to this text. The first part will teach you to prepare a basic return while the second part will introduce some of the more involved aspects of taxation. Each chapter focuses on certain aspects and walks you through that aspect of the tax return step by step. By the time you finish this book you will be amazed at how easy it is to prepare a tax return!
FORMAT: Softcover
It’s amazing how God works! Would you ever imagine that you would be where you are today, or accomplish some of the amazing goals you have achieved over the years? God doesn’t make mistakes and everything that has happened to you is a part of His divine plan and purpose for your life. Each step of the journey brings you one step closer to your destiny. Destiny is not a destination, but your unique quest to reach your ultimate place in life. Your journey is not for judgment or critics, but to assess your relationship and walk with your Creator. Have we all made mistakes, questioned God, and have wondered why these things have happened to you? Have you accepted the fact that you are unique and you have a specific purpose in life? Maybe you are experiencing difficulties or having problems grasping who you are or what can you contribute to the growth of the Kingdom? I know I was once there and throughout this book I expressed my true heartfelt feelings as it relates to this spiritual journey. Looking at the young boy I was, and the young man I became, and how God has transformed me into the man I am today. This is my journey to this point in my life. Not saying that I have all the answers, but I keep pressing until I reach the prize that God has for me, and I challenge you to do the same. Strive for perfection, reach for that prize, and overcome each obstacle that may come in your path. Know that God is in control of your destiny and each step is a step closer to you realizing your divine purpose in life. It’s through poetry that I get a chance to converse with God and have a dialog that’s both frustrating yet very rewarding. It’s in those moments that I am true with Him and I hear Him speaking directly to me. I never felt comfortable talking to others, but I found a friend in Jesus who I could express all of my thoughts, fears, ambitions, and aspirations.The book may end yet the journey will continue. Let your Journey begin today, and watch how far God will take you.
FORMAT: Hardcover
By Mary Beth Gaertner, Ed.D.

Is there anything out there that can help us to communicate more effectively with parents? Nothing concerns me more as a school administrator or causes me more angst as the fear of unhappy parents. Very early in my career as an early childhood administrator, I vivdly remember a mommy physically backing me up to the wall with her jabbing words and bullying attitude. It seemed there had to be more going on than her discontent with a teacher who wasn't "loving enough" to her child. My deeper concern was how to prevent a parent from getting this angry in the first place.

After finding a startegy to forge positive communciation between parents and teachers, I employed the strategy, in serviced teachers, and replicated the research for two years. Parents who are satisfied with the school's attempt at good communication were also pleased with the way the school was going. There is a strong correlation between parent satisfaction and school communication practices.

The book details the "tell the teacher more" strategy, the training of school personnel, the research, and the comments from the teachers themselves how one strategy at the beginning of the school year can have major impact on the positive communication that happens all year long! If you want to make a major impact in the communcation with your school parents, grab the book and read about the "Way to Go!"

FORMAT: Softcover
By Lon R. Bruso
This volume of verse will take the reader on a memorable journey through the mind’s eye, in and out of emotional episodes, and into the diverse thought-patterns of a genuinely poetic personality. There is something here for all, including Stark honesty, whimsy, and various takes on the human experience. These poems will seek to illuminate many dark places in the soul, and show that the line between good and not so good is finer than one could ever imagine, and compelling in it’s truth.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Marjorie May Pearson
Jo, Ash, and Bo live in a cave in the woods with robbers living nearby. Stumbling upon the cabin one day Jo finds hidden treasure below the trap door. Next thing she knows she's captured. Can Ash and Bo help her? Will Jo, Ash, and Bo reverse events on the four robbers?

FORMAT: Softcover
By John C. Glenn

Loving others like Jesus is not automatic or natural, but it is vital to a satisfying home life, productive work environment, and a positive community. "The Power To Love" is a concise overview of the personal, communication, and relational skills needed to develop and maintain loving relationships. The personal skills include cognitive restructuring, emotional management, behavioral redirection, and spiritual enlightenment. The communication skills include understanding the miracle of communication, knowing what to talk about, and being able to speak the truth in love. The relational skills involve confrontation without condemnation, comforting without enabling, and supporting without hidden strings. Together these skills provide the relational empowerment needed to actually fulfill the new commandment of Jesus to love others the way he does. Those who experience "The Power To Love" described in these pages enjoy the personal benefits and genuine freedom of loving others regardless of their circumstances of life.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Gray Keller
Do you ever feel tired of everyone wanting your money? Do you ever get frustrated from sorting through the many charity letters, requesting you for more money? Do you ever wonder if your donation really helps? If you answer yes, then you know the burdens that come from giving. Whether it is a small grassroots nonprofit in your hometown or national appeals on television to dial in your donation, then you understand that it takes wisdom and discernment to give responsibly. In today’s world, the centrality of philanthropy is money, and specifically, your money is wanted. But what nonprofits need is not more money, but leadership. Philanthropic leadership is the tipping point if you are going to make a difference. Rather than raising more money, nonprofits need for you to rise up and lead. A philanthropic leader understands that money cannot and has not solved the world’s gravest problems within the developing world, nor does it create sustainability. Yes, money pays bills and produces salaries, but at the end of the day, nonprofits need you and your leadership more than they need your money. In Everyone Wants Your Money, Dr. Keller draws from his own experience of giving millions of dollars to charities, to working alongside other philanthropists globally. Wrestling with the burdens of giving to celebrating the joys of being a blessing, Keller explores the many facets of giving. From true stories of giving to scenarios of the conventional, counter, and creative future of philanthropy, this book outlines the heart of the philanthropic leader. Since the heart of philanthropy, the etymology of philanthropy is love of mankind, then every philanthropic leader understands that love changes lives through personal relationships. It is not money that nonprofit organizations need, but you. Will you be a blessing by becoming a philanthropic leader?
FORMAT: Softcover
By Doris Sims, SPHR
The 30-Minute Guide to Talent and Succession Management is a quick-reference guide with full-color diagrams and analogies that explain the business purpose of a strong internal talent benchstrength strategy. Concepts such as succession management, high potential talent, critical positions, key experts, talent pools and talent review meetings are discussed in a quick-to-read format for busy managers.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Frankie James

Traveling north trying to go home, Bobby Lee Curtis, now forty-five, shares his story with fellow travelers on the Auto-Train.


The sixth child of seven born into poor white trash, today he was ecstatic. The weekend was here at last, bringing with it the cool crispness of fall. Bobby Lee and his friends, a crew of six local boys, were off for an overnighter into the Woodland Forest; destination the Old Mansion.


Though most of their young lives had been spent exploring the forest, up to now they had failed to find and lay claim to the aged red brick relic. This trip was going to be different, Bobby felt it. Their leader Timmy was thirteen and canny beyond his years; he and his band were determined.


So off they went, hiking a well used dusty trail, slipping into the woods and out onto the Gravel-Pit. It made for a perfect stepping off point to any adventure. Almost twelve hours later, finally they found it. Once a beautiful proud edifice it was now sad and abandoned, most of it burned down, its proud giant white columns reduced to mere rings lined up in front.


As night fell and the fire was lit, their quiet was suddenly violated by the harsh clamor of several mini-bikes and the drunken shouts of teenage riders. The boys were under attack!


Witnesses later that night to what they all would realize was a terrible accident, Timmy commanded his guys to remain quiet and hidden among the trees. Much younger than the invaders, with only one gun and a cross-bow between them, they settled in, just out of fire-light range. It would be a long night.  


Comforted by the warm morning sun, the group makes a decision that will haunt them for years to come.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Tyron L. Coleman

From time to time our lives get low, weak or drained and need to be "jump-started" in order for us to change.

Sometimes specific areas of our lives may be doing well, however we may be weak and need more power in another area. We may just need an extra "boost of encouragement," an "extra jolt of hope," or an "extra surge of how to" in order to get our engine of life started and moving in the right direction again.

If you are ready for a life-changing jump-start, the information in this book will give you the extra boost, jolt and surge you need in order to jump-start and change your life.

The valuable information in this book will show you how you can jump-start your life by: renewing your mind, controlling your attitude, setting goals, dreaming big, taking action and never giving up when you are faced with challenges.

This book has real life-touching stories by the author and it is full of simple life-changing ideas and philosophies that you can apply now to help you live a more powerful, peaceful, significant and God-filled life.

FORMAT: Softcover